ico-abrainPinturillo is an online multiplayer game where we can compete with players around the world to guess what the other drawings.
The players, rogues have to draw a word without using letters to try to get other users to guess. Will have a time limit of 99 seconds and then enter all the words you want to find the right one.
The first winners will receive 60 points, the other players will earn points based on the time it took to get right. Must be 3 rounds to finish the game.Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

– Compatible with the web version
– 60 rooms with a limit of 8 or 12 players.
– Chat in and out of the game.
– Tool for coloring with different thicknesses and color palette.
– More than 4000 words.
– Spell Checker active.
– Auto hint system and equitable for all players.
– Button failure to punish other players for voting system.
– Filter antiflood.
– Sketch in offline mode.
– Multilanguaje (English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish)
– Offline mode.